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Welcome to My Home Page!

I am now a student in Department of Information Science,University of Tokyo. I am interested in computer architecture , functional language and parallel computing. I also belong to team hiraki. In this project team, I developed pipelined microprocessor on field programmable gate arrays. Now I am developing superscalar microprocessor on FPGA.

Diary(in Japanese but I'm going to translate it immediate future)

Research Interests

Computer Architecture

I am interested in computer architecture. Especially I am strongly interested in speculative execution , complexity effective processor , data-flow computation.

Functional Language
Parallel Architecture

ultra hierarchy project / team hiraki

Team Hiraki is the project team whose activity is making high performance microprocessor on reconfigurable devices and developing software environment. Characteristics of FPGA and CMOS devices are very different so we can't use techniques for FPGA for CMOS. But we can estimate architectural aspects on FPGA and we can make prototypes rapidly if we use FPGA devices. Our project team develops processors of various architecture on FPGA devices and estimate their properties. Current Project is to construct superscalar processor.


bookmarks(partially in Japanese)

My bookmark related to Computer architecure,functional language,and so on. It contains some Japanese pages. So if your environment can't display Japanese Characters, representation may be distorted.

Resources for Processor Experiment(in Japanese)

In Department of Information Science,University of Tokyo, we are experienced processor developing experiment. This experiment contains processor design,processor development,compiler construction,developing software environment(simulator,assembler,and so on...). We develop our microprocessor on Xilinx FPGA(VirtexII device). In this section, I place my documents about this experiment.


Bulletin Board System(in both Japanese and English)